I Love Zeke the WonderDog!


What is the I Love Zeke fanpage?

First off, we are not part of Michigan State University or part of
The Foley /American Frisbee Dogs Family,

We are a group of loyal Spartans that respect the tradition of having Zeke the WonderDog grace the campus and community of East Lansing for almost 50 years!

Zeke is an Icon of MSU. 

Zeke is interactive with the fanbase.

Zeke is #36 on the Spartan Bucket List of things you must do at

Michigan State (Pet Zeke)!

Zeke was recently named:
1. Michigan State University's Best Tradition
          by USA Today Sports!

2. The #1 All-Time Best Dog Mascot in the Country!
          by USA Today Sports & Live Wire

He's Kind of a Big Deal!

The entity of what we call "Zeke the WonderDog" is changing.
What used to be just a dozen or so sporting events a year for the WonderDog has evolved into a 100 plus community events, fundraisers, Spartan traditions and more and more types of sporting events year after year. Jim & Terri Foley are Zeke's caretakers and they have costs associated with all of these events. Yes, majority of the events are paid for by appearance fees, but the Foley's try to keep the fees low, to help spread the love of Zeke through our wonderful Spartan Nation!

Once again, Zeke is NOT officially part of Michigan State University. So MSU offers no subsidies, expense accounts, mileage or funding of any kind to Zeke. MSU pays Zeke a standard appearance fee that was negotiated 25 years ago. The majority of the things you see Zeke doing around campus are done "Pro Bono"!
The pun was intended here, but this isn't funny.

The lack of funding arises when the Foley's and their SpartanWill attitude kick in. They do appearances in hospitals and retirement homes, petting therapy sessions during troubled times, charity events and campus tours all for free.

There are expenses associated with all of these events that the
Foley Family takes upon themselves.

We are here to help the Foley's keep the Zeke Tradition alive!

Can you help us by doing any of the items below.

Zeke the WonderDog started on the campus of MSU in 1978!

Please click below to help Zeke keep the Spartan Spirit going!

All Monies will be used directly by Zeke for Goodwill & Care.

Click below and donate today!

Zeke is more than just football games - He is a Good-Will Ambassador !

Student Events

Zeke makes dozens upon dozens of trips from Holland to East Lansing for student events, student interactions & campus walk-a-rounds.

A large portion of these trips are a
"Good-Will"  trip just for the student's benefit.

Community Appearances

Community parades, Civic Events and
Charity Fundraising or just a few of
the dozens of things that Zeke does
for any community at anytime!  

Wholesome Family Engagement

Kids and kids at heart all cherish the opportunity to pet, hug and even throw a Frisbees to this loveable K9!

As parents with small kids, it was the opportunity to see Zeke perform and the possible chance of meeting Zeke in person that drove joy into our young kids hearts.

All proceeds will go directly to Zeke's Goodwill Activities!
We will track on this website for public record how the funds are used. Please check back as we progress.

Spartan Nation help us in raising $$$ and funds for Jim & Terri Foley to use under the following mission statement:

"The funds raised through this GoFundMe Page will be used to enhance, preserve and put forth Zeke the WonderDog's Goodwill Tour throughout the Spartan Community." 

 Some of these things are:

Other things may include the following but only if needed:

Let's keep this Spartan Tradition going loud & proud!

Let's show the Foley Family just how much we have appreciated their service to the Spartan Family for the last 25+ years!